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martin's was AWESOME!!!! that place was the only reason i ever got into salt water back in the 80's.

that sucks that pets plus took them over. the only one of their stores i would buy from is the langhorne store. i went into the one at red lion and the blvd. about a month back and they had a rotunda out front of all the small mammals and i saw 2 dead hamsters being eaten by two other hamsters in the cage. and what were the employees doing? one was texting, one was on the phone and the rest i can only assume were in the back room, because i kept hearing alot of laughter coming from there. i mean, really, doesn't anybody walk around the store and look at the product they are selling? i will never go back to that store again. and to think, i was actually thinking about buying my toy fox terrier a husband from there, until i saw the conditions of all the other animals.

$3.99 a piece?? wow!! i would rather get crs from mordalphus for $5/per!! and at least then i know i'm getting quality!

i bet between those of us on here, we have enough stock to open our own quality lfs!!!LOL
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