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Update: 1/30/2012

I've been sick at home with a viral infection the past week and it's strange, I noticed more growth in my week of being sick than I've noticed ever. Anyway, the diatoms seems to have run its course, pretty much turned to black and plants seem to be crawling all over it. I've an explosion of snails since I've last seen my tank. Also, I noticed I have a new fish! They look to be guppy-ish and have no idea where they came from. I do remember I introduced cabomba to my tank but that was over half a month ago.

Anyway, everything seems to be on course; however, I might have to take out my Rotala Nanjenshan, it's all blackened at the tips and I do not really care for it in this condition unless I can find the reason why it's blackened. It's producing new lateral growth but it's just so unattractive to look at. How can my other plants create such strong shoots but the rotala be in such frail condition?
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