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Originally Posted by radioman View Post
There isn't anyone above me to critique so I will just post my photos. Never mind one was posted. I love the dog pic especially how you set the picture up.a lot of times I see things that distract me in pictures but yours is just right and draws my eyes into the three things in the center of the photo.

I really like this shot and if there are any suggestions please let me know.

This shot is a favorite of mine but I hate how it is not very vibrant. It was taken in a very shaded area. Does anyone know how I could have made this shot not so dull colored.
The flower picture looks very generic, but also unique at the same time. I love the contrast between the orange and the green. I believe you should have zoomed in on the second picture. At first I could not tell if your focal point was the branch or the little bug type thing on it. If you don't already I would suggest you shoot in RAW and invest in a post processing programm like adobe Lightroom. If you're a student then you can get it for 80% off. In RAW format you can change every aspect of the image to get it to how you want including making the colors pop.

- Zain
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