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Retrofitting LED strip to T5 fixture - DONE! Post #13

I recently got a 36 LED dimmable kit from with a 16"x7" heatsink for my 20G reef tank (18 royal blue and 18 clear white 3W bridgelux LED's). I accidentally blew 7 of the blues through my own stupidity and instead of ordering new ones I decided to go a different route. I am splitting the kit up to make a freshwater light for my 10 Gallon shrimp tank (with the whites) and just supplement my T5 lighting with blues for my reef tank.

So here is the schematic for my freshwater set-up.

The outer rectangle is the tank footprint (10 gallon) and the inner is the heatsink footprint. It is 3" from the outer LED's to the edge of the tank. I am going to use 60degree optics and I plan on hanging it about 6" above the tank so ~18" from the substrate.

It has a maxwellen dimmable driver so I can dial in the amount of light. They will all be 10000K clear white, I like the higher kelvin look of the 10000K in my FW tanks anyways so this should be ok aesthetically speaking. I just hope that the spectrum is ok for plant growth ...

I would also like to build an enclosure for it to give a cleaner look...but I will have to do some research for that.


This is what I am planning with the reef tank (Starts @ post#8):

It is a 4 bulb T5HO Odyssea fixture and I will add 14 LEDS (9 blues and 5 whites) on a strip attached to a dimmable driver as well. I have no idea how I will do this yet though

I am thinking a hollow aluminum square tube as the heatsink and then figure out a way to have it swivel on an axis parallel to the long dimension of the fixture. This would allow me to change the angle of the LED's to change the position of the centre line hitting the rock (not sure if that made sense...I will have to get a diagram).

So anyways... I will document the progress of both lights here!

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