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The first set of links to the Nikkor lenses, those are all older manual focus lenses. They should all work just fine on your camera but they are manual focus, no auto focus. In fact, they are probably very nice lenses that will be very sharp and clear.

The Sigma lens, you may need to research that one. Some third party lenses are great, some don't do so well. I can't comment on that one.

The next more costly Nikkor lens is because it's a fast (f/1.4) lens that is newer and AF. That's why it costs more. You can get it new for just a little more. Unless they dropped the price some, I wouldn't consider it.

The one for $110 is a good lens. That's the f/1.8 I was talking about. Referred to as the Thrifty Fifty because of it's great value. That is a good price for a brand new version of that lens.

Last one is not the extension tubes. That is a screw one filter that acts basically as a magnifying glass on the end of your lens. Stay away from it.

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