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Tiger Tank...official start (now with shrimp)

Tank is painted...

The filter has been constructed...

Canister is waiting...

Lava rock is seeding...

And substrate is ready...

My RO/DI is up and running and I ran some tests on my water supply. Out of the tap I am getting:

pH 7.6
KH 5
GH 6 or 7
TDS 117

Out of the RO/DI:

pH 6.5
KH 0-1
GH 0-1

Both KH and GH took one drop to change color (API test kit) so that figures in to be around 0 for the actual values.

So now let me just check to make sure this is correct. I have Kent's RO Right. I take my RO water, add RO Right until I get back to a GH of 4-5. That's it? KH and TDS will just fall into line? Then after that, I can use my TDS to know what my clean water reading is and use that for future mixing of RO water for WC's or other tank fills?

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