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Thanks, I really like the GLA guys. They do nice work. Hope you enjoy the tank, I certainly do.

Did a little tweaking of rocks today, and did a little work on my mini M. I will be testing nightly aeration with an airstone on this, and the mini M. I read an article on BOD on this site, and it has greatly influenced my thinking on high light, high tech tanks. The extra oxygenation will potentionally be useful, to strengthen the bio filter. Depending on what my experience is with the restart on this tank, I may run it on others.

Considering this is 78 watts over 12 gallons I am sure I am in the "Very high light" catergory. When it was primarily C. Parva and A. Nana, I had the lights on a 8 hour photoperiod, with the lights suspended quite high (20" +) above the substrate. With this HC base, I will be running slightly more light, with the light slightly lower starting position, with a similiar photoperiod. At some point, I may try running one bulb, or switching to LED's, but for now the arrangement is fixed.

I will be picking up some sort of mountable power strip to put the cables and timers in a better order. The timing will be somewhat complicated, as I plan on running the t-5's one for 8 hours (subject to adjustment later if necesary), the co2 solenoid on a seperate timer (on an hour before the lights go on, to an hour before the lights go out), a led strip behind the tank backlighting the outline running opposite the lights, and an airstone driven by a whisper air pump also running opposite the lights.

The cabinet was built by a friend of mine and while it isn't ADA "style", it fits our home well, has nice storage and plenty of room for various equipment. I will post pictures of how I have it arranged in a later post.
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