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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
The Nikkor 60mm Macro is a fine lens. If you want a little more reach, the Tamron 90mm Macro is hard to beat. All three shots above are from the Tamron 90mm Macro. Sigma makes a really nice one that is over 100mm...can't remember exactly what it is...150mm maybe.

And do yourself a favor and grab a 50mm f/1.8 aka the Thrifty Fifty. IMO that is one lens that should be in every Nikon DSLR shooter's bag. You can find them for $100 or less and they are fantastic.

Editing, look at is comparable to PS but it's free. You can also get Photoshop Elements for not much money. Commonly for less than $50. It's just a watered down PS but has all the main things you need to do processing. I personally like Light Room but it's costly. You might be able to grab an old version of Nikon Capture for cheap or even a newer version from someone that doesn't need it. Capture NX2 is an excellent program that is included with some Nikon cameras and much of the time, people that buy them are using PS and sell off the Capture program cheap.
I'm just use to the 18-55 lens I have which I think is the mm of it. When you say 60mm or 90mm are those set and you can't zoom or am I completely missing it?

My manager snagged the same camera/lens I got in my kit but his also included a 55-200 (I believe) lens too with his kit (from Costco for only $200 more than what I paid I think). That would be a good macro lens right?

I haven't even dl any of the free software that you recommended in other threads. I guess I'll just check out that gimp tomorrow at work and see what it's like.

Do you have any input on taking HDR shots or could tell me how to do it? Some of the HDR shots I have seen look unbelievable.
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