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Just getting antsy here, I have just done a few shots for entertainment. There still isn't water in it, after its a new years day planting, but I am not worried or rushed. Just thought I show off the look of it and some details. I am still shooting pictures off of my phone so be gentle with the photo quality, which should improve over time.

This is what the exposed aqaurium will look like, no moving parts. The tubing in the background is the CO2 injection I am hot-rodding it with.

I put the seran wrap back on top of I was done taking photos. I am guessing two week from dunking but I will know when its time.

Even with the cover on it very little hardware shows. I think its pretty clean. Once I get ready to dunk it, I just need to hook up the filter to the CO2, the hydor and the hoses we are ready to get wet!

Them are some Pipes!
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