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Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
Nice pics man. The tank is really coming along nicely. Keep it up man.
Thanks, buddy. Don't worry, I have no plans to give up on anything. If anything, I want to push forward and grow, not stop

Originally Posted by green_valley View Post
Cool stuff Tony. You got shrimps? or just crayfish?
Thanks, though I'm still not done. I still lack some Java fern for around the entrance to my tunnel, and would love to get some more colorful plants in there as well. I've also been on the lookout for a couple more pieces of wood to put with the one in there. It will hopefully look ok when I'm done

No, no shrimp. I had plans on getting some Bee shrimp, and have thought about some cherries from Treetom, but things just didn't turn out the way I wanted them to this month. Right now, just the crays. It's cool for now though, since I didn't get the tanks I planned on having. The lady set up a place to meet so I could get some tanks, and then she ended up driving around after she realized the place she set wasn't actually there Emailed me later and said, "Oh, we probably passed each other on the highway (after I drove all that way with 3 kids by myself, about 30m 1-way), but could we set something else up to meet again?" Well, no, not after all that bs! Can you tell it's a sore subject? And you only know half of it

I do have a couple more pics of some baby crays, but I think they're still on the camera. I'll get them on here after I get the cam back out. The ones I'm missing were the best ones I got, and showed the little ladies really good.

I do have an empty 10g I could set up, and probably will so I can start breeding some of them Tiger Barbs. Did you all see some of the fat ones in the pics? I also need a place to keep some snails, as I found out the Apples will eat fish eggs. I'm pretty sure that's where the majority of the Angel eggs got off to, cuz I'm relatively sure the crays didn't eat them and they were totally gone one day. I thought about making a DIY in-tank breeder from a big jar and sponge filter, but feek it might be too hard to feed the babies like that. IDK, I'll get it figured out.

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