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Originally Posted by Daximus View Post
That looks very good! I dig the wood layout and the substrate color differences. Normally I don't dig rocks like that, but they work quite well in this setup.

Well done. Now the hard part, leaving it alone long enough to grow in, lol.

Haha, the substrate layout was an accident to be honest. I thought I had ordered enough flourite, but just ended up with two mounds. I found some eco-complete and decided it'd be alright until carpeted .

Waiting is the hard part for sure, I just want to keep putting my hand in and fix things.

I think your tank is beautiful! I have kept fish for a while but never had live plants before and I am now redesigning my tank so I can put live plants in...if I can get my tank looking half as good as yours, I will be happy!!
Thanks for your kind words! The transition from no plants to a planted tank is pretty brutal, but totally rewarding. If you have any questions feel free to ask, or better yet search around on these forums. Everything I've learned from here and a few other places, the internet is a wealth of information. Good luck!
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