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What's up fish tank people?

Alright, today is update day!

I woke up at the crack of noon and visited my lfs and nabbed 3 new species of plants for my tank.

Rotala Indica (I think, just labeled as Rotala)
Temple (don't know scientific name)
Cherry Shrub (can't find the real name of it either)

I forgot in my excitement to take a before picture, woops.

I performed a relatively heavy trim and a 50% wc. I read on these forums that plants love scissors! So I gave all of my plants a thorough chopping. The anubias was also moved, and all of the cotton stings tying down stuff in the tank was taken out. I hated looking at it lol.

Mostly bacopa and parrots feather, that stuff explodes!

I apologize about the bad pictures, I need to learn how to take aquarium pics!

The rotala indica is behind the wood on the left where the bacopa used to be.


I'm still on the hunt for the black vinyl I need for the background. I can't wait for everything to grow in, now to sit back and enjoy it . Thanks for looking at my journal!
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