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Fires? I'm not sure why somebody would experience fires from that product unless they have overloaded the circuit that the device is plugged into. I personally always replace the standard recepticle with a GFCI as to avoid any electrical problems down the road. I haven't had an issue with this power strip, so I'm going to put a little faith in it again this time around. All it's running are my lights, the filter, a Hydor 200 watt heater, and the solenoid for my pressurized co2 setup. I'm sure I'll have no issues...

I silicone the suction cups in place because those cups tend to release over time. I want to avoid this. As for flow, I see your point. I didn't really think about what would happen if I was not satisfied with the flow in the tank. It removes clean and easy if I should have to move the fixtures at some point.

I checked the silicone this morning and it is rock hard. The interior plumbing is complete! Now I'm just waiting on the second batch of MTS to get done (Probably three to four more days of processing).

Have a great Friday everybody!


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