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Originally Posted by ccar2000 View Post
Looks like a great build! I hope you have better luck with your timer than I did. I switched over to the twin motorized clock type after mine failed
The timer seems fine. I used it for almost a year without a hiccup on my 20L high-tech setup. I used to have those little winding types that plug directly into the wall, but they don't have a grounding terminal...

What's new tonight:
I used GE black silicone to mount the internal hardware suction cups inside the tank. Unfortunately, I bought a cracked tube. I didn't notice the problem until I noticed that the silicone didn't ever cure.....Not even after a week!

I tore the plumbing out of the tank, slipped the suction cups off, cleaned up the black silicone that never cured, then, finally, reapplied the suction cups using GE clear silicone that I KNOW works after having used it to seal a window in my house last weekend.

I've started the second batch of MTS, and it's coming along nicely. After a few days, I drained off the initial water. I've refilled the container with new water, and now I get to enjoy the overwhelming excitement of waiting....

The potash and dolomite are on the way! I should get a package by mid next week. Also, the manzanita ought to be this way by the end of next week.

My ETF (Estimated Time of Flooding):
Hopefully by February 10th I'll have some liquid in this glass box! I'm going to spend time getting the MTS as perfect as possible and then get the hardscape and driftwood the way I envision it. Too bad my tanks rarely bear the fruit of my labor....

Plant ideas:
Narrow leaf java fern
lilaeopsis mauritiana
Some types of swords (Advice is appreciated)
Some types of crypts (Advice is appreciated)
Anubias (all types are desirable)

Crud.... I've got too much to do!

Somebody please tell me what you'd like to do if this was your tank. I like to see from your eyes, too! Help a guy out!!


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