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Sorry I didn't get to the updates last night, I forgot to edit the pics so I've been busy doing that to get them ready. I'm here now though, so on to the updates:

I'll start with a FTS on 1-19 after we got back. This is after having DIY Co2 for a couple weeks, but more on that later After doing some cleaning:

Left side:


Crypt Walkeri 'lutea with lots of new growth and red outlines:

Sunset Hygro in suspended animation since moving it to this new tank. Not sure on the other:

Queen Marble Sword. Would probably be pretty sweet if I could keep it planted:

Crypt Wendtii Red growing good, and an Apon at the top:

For some reason, rosette plants are growing really well, but NONE of my stems will grow. They are either stunted, or they rot right out of the sub, so not real sure what's going on there. Any ideas?
Now for The DIY Co2/wine generator. Yes, I do make wine in there You can almost see my reactor I built and put in the sump. I did have a pic of it, but couldn't find it right now. I just used a 20oz pop bottle, drilled a hole in the bottom and ran my powerhead in there, ran my Co2 into the lid through airline, and packed LOTS of filter-floss in it. I drilled little holes in the bottom for the outlet, which makes the water and Co2 mix before passing through the filter-floss and back out the bottom.

Here are some pretty cool pics of the cray, as well as some of her babies. Momma:


And finally, my pair of Green marble Angels:

Surprise!! Male doin EXACTLY what he's supposed to be doin:

Nothing survived this time, but it was only their first time and I didn't expect anything to. Atleast I know I will eventually be stocked to the gills with Angels in the near future

I will be taking pictures pretty regularly to judge the growth I will hopefully be getting from the added Co2, so stay tuned and thanks for looking.

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