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I had the glass cover cut at a local glass shop (I believe it is 3/16") for $17 dollars. I don't have the glass in front of me for exact dimensions, but it is a snug fit that leaves about 2" open on one side for the lily pipes and other equipment. I used some extra clips I had on hand to support it. On the livestock note I am either leaning towards rummy's, embers, but the furcata is a possibility. The tank is a little smallish for rummy's, but they school awesome and are the most likely suspects right now. Just for entertainment, and to speed the emersed growth period along I am now I am doing one BPS of co2 via a pressurized tank into the covered tank. Should be ready for water within 2wks, is my guess. The HC is spreading nicely, and the hairgrass is sending out runners as well. I am going to run a 2026 eheim on the tank instead of the the fluval 306. The 306 is too powerful for his arrangement. It is getting spooled up on my cube right now, and will stay on the cube when it is time to fire this one up.
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