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Originally Posted by OVT View Post
I like that "style": lots of plants, textures, and colors. It's also painfully clear that you can run a good tank - you have the touch. I understand that the same scape for years can get boring, that's the reason I ended up with many tanks. When the time comes again, you are welcome to re-do my 75G.

And I will take that ugly, useless, space-taking piece of driftwood off your hands for a small hauling fee .
Haha you really made me laugh there! It took me FOREVER to find a piece of driftwood like that around my area and i wont give it up with out a fight ha! But thanks so much for your kind words i really apperciate them! Ya see thats my trouble, too many plants, not enough space...i need a 75 or 120gal but for now eh itll do. But i do try to use mr Amano's ideas and tanks as my inspiration for my tanks and aquascapes..its more than just plants and water..thanks!

Edit: oh and if you didnt live across the country i would be much obliged to help you with all that!
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