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Originally Posted by Jayme View Post
Your making me want one, just because!

I have an addiction to aquariums and even though we have no room left anywhere for more I still long for them.

Can't wait to see what you do with it!
Something real lowlight lol...
Real real lowlight.
You have room for this!! 6"x6"x6"
Everyone has room for that!!
C'mon.. you know you want it..
You need it...
You can't live without it. Just tell everyone its just been sitting around being a waste of money.
You've had it for years..
You found it in the back of your closet.
It's always been there..
How are they supposed to know?

Lol... I'm allowed one more tank in my house. And saving it for a future 56 or 65 gallon for a pair of angels.
And that comes when I move rooms. And then this one becomes the guest room. And what guest would want to fall asleep to a nicely planted, scaped, stocked, and soothing fish tank?

One day I'll make journals for all the tanks that other people are having me take care of.
My friend moms goldfish tank.
My brothers 10 gallon.
The 3 bowls at my moms house.
Her 5 gallon in the bathroom (this ones a nightmare)...
The list goes on.
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