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I just got the pump, took it out of the box, and I did some very preliminary testing. It's simple to change the flow rate by simply changing how much head pressure there is. Raise the source and get more flow lower the source and get less flow. At 50" head pressure it's like a drop per second. So the 1 minute minimum timer setting won't be a problem. A kalkawaser pump it's not, this thing is really dependent on head presure to getits flow rate. A preliminary tests shows it'll pump 250ml in 6 minutes @30" head pressure. and 500ml in 12 minutes.The one nice thing about it is that it has a built in back flow preventer so that when the power cuts off, the fluid in the tube doesn't back up.

Problem #1: The verticle distance from the stand floor to the the top of the tank is 56" . At that head pressure the flow is decreased considerably.

I'm doing another test with the actual head pressure this thing is gonna see and report back.



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