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1 Gallon Shrimp Cubus! (now with plants!!!)

*Go To Last Page For Current Pictures And Updates*

So, I've been dying to own a cube. Any cube..
But for many reasons I needed a cheap cube.
While at PetSmart I saw the perfect cube.
A one gallon cube..
The Marina Cubus....

It was perfect, cheap and cube shaped... I have high standards, I know.

Its advertised as the perfect home for a betta. It even has a breathing cover for the betta!! How nice of them.
It was on sale for $16.99..
After a few days of agonizing over it I finally pulled the trigger after seeing someones marina .5 gallon shrimp tank.
I went out and bought it and discovered it came with a 3 LED light.
Since I'm keeping exclusively low light plants, mainly mosses and anubias, I figured this light would be perfect for it!!
My intitial impression of the tank. Wasnt great.
The silicone was a little sloppy. The edges didnt line up perfectly.
But its plus sides were getting better. It was cube shaped. Came with a light, had a nice little cover. it was cubed shaped.. It was glass, and raised up on little white stand in the center of the bottom.
That last part is really nice. Makes the cube look like its floating.
Did I mention it was cube shaped?

On top of all that I wanted a shrimp tank. And this fit the bill perfectly.
I also wanted something for my bathroom counter. Boom!! Done.
Its growing on me more and more.
I'm still unsure about the specifics. Not sure how I'm gonna scape it.
Not sure on what shrimp to put in.
I'm leaning towards yellows but really want those intense fire yellows.
I cant find them anywhere...
Not sure what to do about a filter. I hate bubbles in tanks so I'm avoiding sponge filters as long as possible. And want something as small as possible.
I refuse to order a filter. I just cant bring myself to do it.
Otherwise that Azoo filter would be here in my tank already lol.
Wish I knew a source for it locally.
I'll be posting picture later and hopefully you guys can help me scape it.
whatever inhabitants I'm getting I would like to order them soon as my birthday is here in two days and I would love to take advantage of that.

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