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Originally Posted by thefisherman View Post
i think the stand and setup so far looks great man lookng forward to see how it develops!

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Thanks !

I picked up some Salvinia auriculata today from my lfs! Also found a source for Salvinia Natans although I want to see how these do first. (upon a closer inspection it appears that these may be two different species of salvinia. Although the leaf shape and texture appears to be the same, the darker brownish green ones grow linearly while the bright greens seem to be spreading radially...)

Tank's been running at a constant 78 degrees for twenty four hours and I have been adding waste from the filter media of my smaller tank. Hopefully in a week I can put a fish in here. Tomorrow a bag of flourite is coming in the mail and I'm going to add it to the tank. I'm also going to go on a mission to find the perfect piece of driftwood! I'm also going to collect some local slate as I don't have a clue what else to use.

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