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I'm currently trying to get a 75g, that I'm thinking about making into a reeftank, but only if I can get it cheap Just a tank and stand with no accessories, but the tank needs resealed and the stand is in really bad shape and would need LOTS of work, so cheap is a MUST I don't think he wants to sell it so cheap, but we'll see. He's going and getting a 75g with overflow and trickle filter with 2 pumps and the whole bit for $150 from CL, and is going to be wanting the room for that, so I'm hoping he takes my offer of $70 for the other 75. I have the things I need to redo it, so I'm hoping I get it.

I was just posting a pic of some plants for sale on CL, and realized how many pics I had that I needed to post in here, along with LOTS of updates. It's just been a really crappy month, and I haven't felt like doing it. I will get in here and post them, maybe tonight, and post some updates.

One update: I didn't get the tanks I was supposed to for starting my fish closet, still have just the 3 tanks from before, but it is still in the plans. I just had to place it on the back burner for now, but VERY soon. I do have baby crays crawling all over two of my tanks though, which is WAY cool I got Momma seperated now, so I'm hoping she has more babies really soon. Then I will be able to put her back in the main tank again and give her the space she needs. The rest will have to wait till tonight after the kids go to sleep. I have 3 kids here by myself since wife had to go back to Ohio for her fathers funeral, and there's no way I'll be able to sit long enough to allow me the time I'll need to get the updates done.

One more thing before I go, I added DIY Co2 to my tank, and use it to make homemade wine So, come back for some updates, later.
Glad to see you are still around man. Hope to see some updates later.

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