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I have to tell you, for a first tank, you did very well on the scaping part. God job. As for rotala indica, that would be a great idea.
Really nice start.
Thanks for your kind words!

I'm a little impatient and eager, I'll admit it. The peacocks feathers started throwing out new tops today (2-4 per stem). And I can see the slightest bit of growth on the moss now. I'm going to chuck the rotala wallichii that aren't growing and keep the ones with visible growth in just to see if I can.

How should I go about adding a black background? I've heard about vinyl, but never quite understood the application of it.

I'll be visiting my lfs tomorrow and see what they have for bunched plants.

I've decided to post progress pics every Friday, as that lines up with my wc & trim time (with before and after).

Once again, thanks for your kind words. I've found a home here at plantedtank
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