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Thank you both for the kind words.

CAM6467: Are you talking about creating a slope on the left side of the tank only or the whole thing? I really have never done a slope in a tank before, saltwater you typically put the substrate where the powerhead pushes it. I will have to play with it but if you can give me more of a visual idea.

One way that I have been able to help the equipment issue alittle is the fact that the piping for the filter as well as the Fluval 88g are all clear and black, so they should blend in pretty well with the background, we will see when I have everything installed and adjust from there. It is a T5HO fixture, it is off of ebay so its not the best reflectors I have ever seen so I am testing where the light should be. I have seen posts on here of people with the 12 gallon long whose tanks thrive with the light right on the tank like I have it and others who have had to raise the light. So again I will play with it and adjust as needed. I do have pressurized Co2 with the Fluval 88g Kit, I was planning around size which is why I chose that kit.

ArabTanker: The Cardinal Tetras where the exact fish I was thinking. It is still amazing to me that I can get 15 fish for about the same price that I normally pay on just one fish in my saltwater tank. It is sooo nice.
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