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Need some help from a fellow Anchorage-ite

This is also posted on AK frag swap, but thought I'd post here hoping for more traffic.

It is Anchorage-ite right? Anyway, I'm graduating from college (WSU) and moving back in May to Anchorage. I've got 6 Bronze corys and a betta I've got to get up to AK, but don't know anyone who keeps fish up there that I could send them to for safe keeping while I drive up. Is it possible that anyone could keep them for me for about a week while I make the drive home and get a tank set up? If you haven't any tank space I am more than willing to buy a 10 gal tupperware from Waly-world and leave you an extra filter and heater to set up before I get there. I'd SUPER appreciate it. I'm pretty attached to my little aquakittens and don't want to have to leave them down here.
Thank you!

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