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You certainly have done your homework. This hardscape is very nice! The wood really looks nice. Not to dismiss the beauty of this layout, but I would try to create more slope front to back if possible. The open space to the left would look amazing with a low-lying carpet plant of some sort!

Hiding equipment does seem daunting in this space, but with the black painted background atleast you can cram stuff behind the tank and not see it. I would suggest painting the plumbing parts within the tank to help hide them better.

Is that fixture a t5HO? If so, then you may want to consider a pressurized co2 system in the future as you will need it to help your plants out. Otherwise you could reduce the light a bit...

This is an awesome start. A dry start is often an easier way of establishing a nice carper foreground. Congrats on the start and I'm looking forward to watching this tank go!


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