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I've come to the conclusion that I completely underestimated just how much topsoil I would need to mineralize for this tank. I started out with a five gallon bucket 3/4 full of raw topsoil and ended up with less than a full 1/4 bucket of the powdery silk stuff following a very fine screening this afternoon. I'm pleased with these results, but I immediately knew once seeing the amount following screening that I would need to make more.... Dang it!

Here's a pictures of the MTS I made:

The new batch of MTS in the initial soak phase of the process:

I'll have enough MTS to get a great layer in the tank once this is complete. I may have previously stated that it would take a month to make this stuff, but it hasn't really taken that long for the first batch to reach that "silt-like" stage with no odor. It smells of dirt, but I'm not sure that you can get rid of the smell of dirt from dirt.

On another note, I've contemplated creating a series of tiers in the tank using stones. I'm hoping to have boundaries to separate regions of the substrate so as to avoid intermingling of plant species. I've got a conceptualization of my plan, but I haven't really drawn them up for y'all to see. I'll work on that...

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