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Originally Posted by alfalfa View Post
1.5' : Eastern WA :: 1.5" : Western WA

Ha ha--so true. I'm actually from Eastern WA where we have helpful things like snow tires and snow plows! Also, there aren't so many darn trees around to fall over onto the power lines! My husband (who also psts as Ghotifish) is from the West side of the mountains so he's a bit of a wimp when it comes to the snow.

We actually got 15" of snow plus nearly an inch of ice coating everything from the freezing rain portion of the show. We've been without power, water, or heat for six days so far!

We've been able to keep the tank around 60 degrees with the water bottles. It's warmer at the top since there isn't any circulation. So far we've lost one shrimp and no fish (at least that we can see when we look in with a flashlight). We'll have a better idea once the power comes back on and we can take all the insulation off to get a good look. We actually broke down and bought a 5500 watt gas generator today but we haven't set it up because all the hardware stores are sold out of the 4 pronged cord required to plug the dumb thing into the house! We'll probably just save it for next time, since we live in a rural area where this happens nearly every year.

There are a bunch of Electric company trucks on our road right now, so we are hopeful that the power will come back on tonight. We cleaned the canister filter in preparation for the big restart.

We'll let you know how it turns out!

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