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First 55g scape. Critiques welcomed!

Final finished scape (because I know you like to see these first (: )


Hey fish tank people, after long hours of drooling over beautiful tanks I decided to finally have my first try at aquascaping.

I'll be keeping this as a journal to help myself mark weekly progress.

It's been set up for 4 weeks (3 weeks with plants). The lights are two 65w pc bulbs at 6500 and 10000k. I dose EI method dry daily, with 30ppm co2 (2-2 liter diy, soon to be Paintball DIY instead) through an inline reactor hooked to my Eheim 2215. I follow 50%wc weekly. The substrate is a mix of eco complete and flourite (you can see the color contrast in the pic).

I'm keeping tetras, neons, otos *my favorite, and SAE's.

The plants species are:
Bacopa Australis
Blyxa Japicona
Hemianthus callichtroides
Hygrophila Difformis
Anubias Nana
Christmas Moss
Vesuvius Sword

I have a few questions regarding the plants in my tank:

1.What is the best way to plant HC? I just split up the chunks and laid them in, but I read that splitting them up is better for growth. I want that lush green carpet I keep seeing. Thoughts?

2.On the left you'll see rotala Wallichii (it was subbed in for indica ). It hasn't shown growth but the faintest bit of green on the top, is this normal?

3.If you look in the middle on the right, you'll see parrots feather. Do the tops regrow, or do I have to replant the tops and pull out the old bottoms weekly to get the height I want?

4. I tied up some christmas moss on my the driftwood (blue string). How long until I start seeing noticeably new growth?

I want to add a rotala indica (or some other local bunched plant I can find) behind the driftwood on the left eventually and move the bacopa more forward left since it's more a midground plant.

Thanks for your time and for looking at/reading my wall of text!

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

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