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Talking 40 Gal Breeder (finally High-tech), My 'Collecteritis' tank..Updated: 08/28/2013

okay well I have been running this tank for years now, probably about 4+yrs or so, but I don't know why but I never made a Journal out of it, so here we go..It will be a work in progress as I only have but so much time to do this..

~40gal breeder
~4 x T-5 HO fixture that is actually 48" long, so i can grow plants next to the tank. Plus added one 36" T-8 (maybe) to the tank for light in the front.
~Tubes: 2x 6500K, 1x 10000K, 1x colormax (54w), t-8? - 10000K
~Photo-period: 2xtubes on for 9 hrs, 2xtubes + extra fixture on for 7 hrs
~PH: 6.3-5.5 (my tap water has a lower it's PH for some reason)
~Temp: 77-75F
~Pressurized CO2
~Cerges' Reactor
~Fluval 305 Canister Filter
~Hydor Koralia 240 & 425 powerhead (use to push water in the front and create surface agitation)
~Milwaukee PH controller
~Eco-Complete and Flourite Black Sand Mixed with Osmocot tabs
~Airstone that I turn on at night
~EI dosing: KNO3, KH2PO4, and Flourish Comprehensive, Flourish Iron (the last two I just have bottles I need to use up)
~NO3: I shoot for 5ppm but have 25ppm right now.
~Tank changes once a week with 50% taken out

Plants List:
~Ammania senegalensis (added 4.6.12)
~Aponogeton crispus
~Bacopa monnieri
~Cryptocoryne Nurii "Pahang Mutated"
~Cryptocoryne Nurii (in question, waiting to flower it)
~Cryptocoryne Lutea
~Cryptocoryne Wendii "bronze"
~Cryptocoryne Wendii "Mi Oya"
~Cryptocoryne Balansae "Red"
~Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis
~Cryptocoryne Spirals
~Cryptocoryne willisii
~Eriocaulon Aussie II (added 4.6.12) - maybe holding on
~Eriocaulon Cinereum (added 3.08.2012)
~Eriocaulon Cinereum "mini" (added 4.15.2012)
~Eriocaulon Mystery plant
~Hydrocotyle verticillata
~Hydrotriche Hottoniiflora
~Hygrophila corymbosa "angustifolia"
~Hygrophila araguaia (added 4.3.12) - FINALLY FOUND!!
~Hygrophila lancea (added 2.19.12)
~Hygrophila pinnatifida
~Hygrophila Polysperma "sunset" (added 2.29.2012, my bday plant! FINALLY!)
~Limnophila Aromatica
~Ludwigia Repens
~Ludwigia sp. 'Red' aka Ludwigia Hybrid red
~Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba' (added 4.23.12)
~Ludwigia Repens x Ludwigia Arcuata
~Ludwigia cf. suffruticosa
~Marsilea sp. (dwarf four leaf clover)
~Persicaria hydropiperoides (found in a lake near my house in Va!!)
~polygonum kawagoeanum (added 4.3.12)
~Rotala Macrandra
~Rotala Roundifolia
~staurogyne porto velho (added 4.3.12)
~Sagittaria subulata (dwarf sag)
~Vallisneria Corkscrew (Vallisneria americana var. biwaensis)
~And maybe more that I am forgetting now..

~Cabomba carolina (Cabomba Geen ) [ran out of room]
~Eriocaulon Aussie I (added 2.27.2012) - gone
~Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC) (probably wont take hold, we will see, added 2.19.12) Done with it, threw it in the emersed setup and it's making a fine carpet in my pot.
~Rotala 'Sunset' (added 2.19.12) - melted away
~Tiger Lotus "Red" (Nymphaea zenkeri) Sold until I get my other tank up and running..
~Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Pantanal' (added 4.23.12) - melted down after a few months due to low CO2 levels

Plants in other tanks:
~java fern ‘windelov’ (10 gal)
~Hygrophila Polysperma (most)
~Hygroryza aristata (added on 4.16.12) - outside in the emersed setup
~Amazon Sword (29 gal)
~Anubias (10 gal, 29 gal)
~Anubias nana "Petite" (10 gal)
~Cryptocoryne affinis (10 gal)
~Fiss. Fontanus (10 gal)
~Fiss. Fontanus "mini" (10 gal)
~Hydrocotyle leucocephala (In my 10 gal)
~Java and other moss (all tanks)
~Subwassertang (10 gal)
~Bucephalandra sp. "Sintang" (darker green wavy leaves)
~Bucephalandra sp. "Sekadau" (long slender green leaves)
~Bucephalandra sp. "Lamandau Green"

extra plants only in emersed setup:
~Ludwigia cf. suffruticosa
~HC (going crazy yet I cannot grow it under water)
~Hygrophila corymbosa
~lots of other plants!

Fish List:
~8x Harlequin Rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)
~4x Candy cane tetras (HY511)
~10+ x rummynose tetras
~10x emerald eyes rasboras
~9+ x corydoras habrosus
~some other larger cory cat (no idea which one as there are like 50+ speices of this fish) x 1
~Amano shrimp maybe still around
~LOTS of oto cats
~1x SAE (Siamese Algae Eating shark)
~few Assassin snails

Well, It all started off years ago when I got into planted tanks, and I knew very little then, but I knew that I wanted to keep many aquarium plants. So I started off with Eco-Complete mixed in with Flourish Black Sand, some water and a few easy plants like Wisteria, and NO fertilizing. So it grew from there, I got DIY co2 and it did great for a while, but eventually lead to trouble. My tank got over run with Green Algae and EVERYTHING was covered in a thick coat of it.

So fast forward to the present: So now I have pressurized Co2, I do EI dosing, and Micro dosing, plus I insert root tabs/Osmocote Plus Capsules into the substrate to make sure everything has enough ferts.

So here's the progression of my tank:
Started here:

So after all this and my tank turned into a jungle I decided to tear it up and add a massive piece of driftwood:

Ya still didn't look that great, need to grow in..and did.

ALSO: everything from here up is grown WITHOUT CO2...maybe the last one or two had a little bit of DIY CO2 but I never kept up with is so it was never constant to say the least ha..

So after all that, I flipped the driftwood cause I got bored with it..Soon there after that, I kind of stopped keeping up with the maintenance and certain things in my life kept me from getting things done. Basically my tank crashed hard! I had almost my whole tank overtaken by BGA and Green Fuzz Algae (which I am still dealing with some, but it is dieing). So there are a few months with no pix..but now we fast forward to this year. I started to use pressurized CO2 and EI dosing. Also Changed my light fixtures from 2x T-5 NO double bulb fixtures, to one 4x t-5HO fixture that works so much better!

sorry, crappy cell phone pic..

Too much green but everything is growing crazy!!

So now I am experimenting with a few new plants that I haven't been able to grow that well before.

everything is growing well.

Update: 2/26/2012

So for the rest of this Journal after 2/26/12, I will no longer add my current tank shot in this first post because it is getting WAY to long. Starts on Post #57..

Here are a few pix of my shrimps also:
Tiger Shrimp (RIP)

Current Blue Pearl Shrimp:

I just wish they were still this blue, but I have had some die offs so its time to order more..

So now I need some more red plants, that will come with time (and a little more money ha)..

Edit: Also here's the shot of under my tank where all the fun happens..right now I have a paintball tank hooked up, SO DON'T JUDGE ME HAHA!

Also This has changed, so don't yell at me about my power strips being on the floor or close to it.

More to come....

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