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The CPD will hideout a lil but not that much. My gf has some and they tend to be mid and bottow dwellers and the chilis are more mid top swimmers. A couple ottos wouldnt hurt but I would not get the SAE's, they get big! I would just give that tank a lil TLC cleaning it up and putting some elbow grease into it. Then maybe do a DIY Co2 that the kids can take care of, thats science and chemistry. The Co2 and shrimp should hep keep the hairgrass under control from bouncing back and the ottos will help keep new patches from forming. Id boil or bake that driftwood. Has great potential though. I can throw in a couple of crypts and some riccia in with the shrimp as donation to the class if you like.

Also, that has 4 CFL's on it? How long is it and where did you get it?
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