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Well, here is an update on the tank.

After talking with a lot of people and getting some advice on discus, I have decided not to go with discus at this point. Instead I went with 7 of the new blue colored striped angelfish. I will try and post pictures of these tonight or tomorrow. Everyone was telling me that I need to start with adult discus, in order for them to have a chance in a planted tank like this. Didn't want to spend $400 on fish before I had the planted tank aspect under control. So these angelfish will be the centerpiece for a while. Eventually I will try the discus, maybe in a different style tank.

As far as the plants go. Not the best. Having a hard time getting the light, co2, ferts balanced. I had a huge blue green cyano out break that pretty much wiped out my E tenellus. The other plants should be ok. The cyano started subsiding so I didn't do the blackout but probably still should. Might have to replace some plants.

I started out dosing fertilizers on the light side so as not to overdo it. Using the EI method. But tested my nitrates found they were zero, which was a little hard to beleive. So now doing the full recommended amount.

I have been playing with my co2 and finally got my drop checker to turn green. But using about 4 bubbles per second to acheive this. I was running my mag 7 return pump wide open through the co2 reactor and this was doing about 500 gph I figured. Realized this was way too much flow and the co2 wasn't fully dissolving before leaving the reactor. Lots of large bubbles. So now I turned the flow down to maybee half and it is fully being dissolved. Hopefully I can reduce my bubble rate and keep my green drop checker. My water chemistry is about 3 dkh alkalinity and ph is 7.25 with the drop checker green.

If I can't do this I may redo my plumbing from a durso style drain to the herbie method to help prevent off gassing. And then I might also plumb a bypass in the return to keep the flow reduced in the reactor but utilize the full flow of my mag 7 in the the return out lets.

Not sure about light either. I have the 4 by 65 watt power compacts on a 90 gallon. Now I am running 2 bulbs (130 watts) for 12 hours a day and then all four bulbs (260 watts) for six hours in the middle of the day.

So what do the experienced planted tank guys think? Am I balanced with light/co2/ferts? Help a new guy out with these plants. Things are definitely not balanced.

Fish btw are all doing great. They are the easy part. I do the pictures of the angels.

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