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Ha I kinda thought that my AC50 was over filtering! Shows what I know So please do you have any specific reccomendations for stocking numbers? (Keeping in mind schooling behaviors?)

and fisherman I know exactly what you mean by a source of peace and meditation! I set up this litle 2.5 and simply watching the wisteria in the current and watching my little guppy eat and forage has been very reaxing for me. The feeling really pushed me to set up another tank that I can get serious about. just read your entire thread and I must say I am VERY impressed. I had been thinking that I could create great drama in the aquascaping by only using two species of plants and suggesting the natural battle between them of surviving in natural waters, but the variety of heights, colors, shapes, and textures in your tank is really stunning!

I do not know what species would fit into my little Madeira biotope so if you had any specific suggestions of maybe one type of thick growing stem plant and a smaller showier plant I would be very grateful! I'm really unsure of where to even find this information as well. Thanks!
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