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i think hoppy's commen about stocking is well made... although i believe if you do plan to overstock adequate filtration will be a necessity, perhaps an external canister.

my 20L is overstocked 185% its size, i keep about 60 critters in there including inverts. but my tank is heavily planted and a 2217 runs the show. my fish are happy.

although be prepared for territorial disputes especially if they start spawning (ie my GBR's got to aggressive and resulted in a atality during spawning) ...nature just takes place.

i happy for your desicion to start a tank in college, i'm sure you'll find the thing that keeps you going is waking up to your tank and taking care of it. for someone like myself with the stress (good stress of course lol) if marriage work family etc, i find it is a source of peace and meditation that helps me make giod desicions in life.

good luck and feel free to pm with any questions (although i'm sure you known more than me lol). i do trims almost weekly and ROAK my plants to hobbyists like urself

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