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Hello everybody! My 20L plans...

First I'd like to say hello to everybody!

I'm a college student currently and am getting back into the aquarium hobby. I have had tanks for about twelve years or so now and had many tanks from FO freshwater of many sizes to 55gallon and nano reefs! At the moment I have my 55gallon reef at my parents home and a small 2.5 in my room at school that house s some anubias nana and wisteria as well as one male guppy. My reef requires no attention (I don't even feed these fish) and the 2.5 has been running for about two weeks. I love aquariums but one thing that I realized I have never had is a successful planted aquarium.

I have a very busy schedule as I am a full time student and hold a part time job as well as work for my university. I have decided to create a tank that will have a decent amount of stability and self-sustaining qualities. I want a very naural set up that is both very beautiful as well as comfortable for the future inhabitants. I have a lot of details of this setup already planned and set in stone but I come to this community to help me fill in the details to ensure my success!

I am looking to house a group of what I believe to be Corydoras Bilineatus. I also want to add another group of schooling minnows, possibly Inpaichthys Kerri (Blue Emporor Tetras). I want to provide proper space, habitat, filtration, water flow, diet, temp, water params, etc for these fish to survive. You may have notied that both these fish are South American species and they both happen to be from the Madeira River. I would like to create a close biotope for these guys but I am not very familiar with this area of the world. The reaon that I came to this forum is that I want to include a full garden of plants in this tank as well. This is where I am unfamilliar. I want to create two seperate growing areas seperated by a large open sand bed for both species to swim freely.

With all that being said, here is what I have compiled (and already possess) so far:

20gallon long 30"x12"x12"
Hagen Aquaclear 50 power filter
Hagen theo 100w submersible heater
Retrofit 2x28w PC 6500K hood with reflectors
Some light timers and power strips
Misc. items i.e. thermometer, algae magnet, etc.

Now here are my stocking stats:

2 Corydoras Bilineatus
1 Male guppy
1 dwarf oto
2 amano shrimp

Anubias Nana
Rotala stems
Cabomba stems (Some silvergreen! Thanks fisherman)
java moss
unknown stems
dwarf lily
just to name a few!

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