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Well i just floated the shrimp in the tank to adjust them to the temp, didnt really think of doing the cup by cup method. The glofish babies are red just like the parents (i can tell they are glofish cause i have a few normal daino fry in there too, which are not red) I am going to keep an eye on the oto for now, dunno if it is indeed ick. And unfortunately i already bought the HC. It looked too cool. I have an all glass hood on there (can't tell in the pics) Gotta keep the cats out. I may set up a glofish breeding tank. I only have 4 glofish with my 5 other dainos, 2 of which are red (color of the babies). I got a tetra 1.5g the other day i can set up for the oto if need be. Any advice on substrate? Or just stick with generic black sand. Worried about my crypts. (which probably won't like the super lights)
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