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Well here I am ! Weird 15g tank, didn't know they made it in that size.

Interesting the glofish bred for you. How does the baby look? Is it a funky color as well?

Did you drip acclimate your shrimp to your tank water? Or did you just dump them in? That might have been why you had one die. But as long as all the others live you'll be fine!

The copepods are completely harmless to your shrimp so no worries. Once you feed less their population will go down.

Seems like your light level will be pretty high near the top of your tank and lower farther down. I'm not very informed with light levels so that's just my best guess. If you start noticing algae then you have more light than you need :P. I have a hood on my tank so my light is much too close to the water surface (yours is a much better level) so I blocked off 90% of my surface with floating plants to block out the light.

Shrimps do not like CO2. If you want mainly a shrimp tank with some plants, no CO2. However, if you want a planted tank with shrimp can may run CO2 if you wish. Notice the subtle difference and which is your main priority. For me, it's shrimp, so I don't run CO2 and dose very very spareingly with ferts.

Ich treatments will most likely kill shrimp as it can contain levels of copper that will instantly kill shrimp. If you have a spare 1g jar take the otto out, treat it there, and then put it back in the tank when it's healthy.

Fish Shrimp tanks are like cups of coffee, one is never enough.

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