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Sorry, it's been a few days since I've checked this thread.

@MdubbU: Currently they're about 6" above the water. I've tried putting them a little closer to see how it looks, but the shadows between lights became obvious below 4" or so.

@CiscoKid, I'm really not sure. You're using bulbs with twice the power of mine, so assuming the light is well distributed I would imagine that two is fine--but I can't offer much more then a guess on that.

Since my last post, there are a couple additions to the tank; I'll start with the intentional one. I've added some taiwan moss on the wood, and while it would be nice to have enough to cover the entire thing I think this is a good start. The moss changes the look of the tank quite a bit and makes it look way better IMO.

There's also been a small outbreak of a green branching algae a couple of mm long from my anubias, and also a couple of them on the glass.

As soon as I pulled out the camera my pygmy cories started pretending to eat it, but as soon as I look away they're not interested. I'm thinking of grabbing a few amano shrimp and seeing if they'll help clean it up.
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