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Someone pm'd me about my CO2 setup so here's the breakdown of how I made it:

16oz Paintball Tank - $16 on Amazon
ASA Paintball CO2 Adapter Remote On/Off - $8 on ebay
Needle valve adapter - $3 at Home Depot
Teflon Tape - $0.60 at Home Depot
Mr Aqua glass bubble counter - $16 at Lotus Aquarium
Up-Aqua glass diffuser - $4 at Lotus Aquarium

Total: $47.60 including taxes.

The glass bubble counter was the ultimate I DON'T REALLY NEED THIS...but I dislike the way tubing turns white in tank after a small period of time and looks ugly. And I liked the way the Mr Aqua bubble counter sends a glass arm down into the tank to the diffuser.

It costs me $4 to fill the paintball tank and it's not even close to empty yet after 3 weeks. People on this forum say it lasts approx 3-6 months depending how you use it. I started out at 2bpm, but now I do 4bpm because I love seeing the results.

This was my old setup but it gave me too many leaking issues so I disassembled it. The new setup is cheaper, much more practical, and has had no leak issues. It just isn't as sexy.

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