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Originally Posted by caricell View Post
Jakub: Nice meeting you today. Glad I was able to come by your new location. Hope the angels I brought you work out well. I'll touch base with you next week to see if you'd like some more.


Larry c.

PS- I put out some additional information on your new location on the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association forum.
The angels are doing great. All of them acclimated just fine. And some already have a new home =) If it keeps up I'll def. will want some more next week. Thank you for the Quad A post as well, that is much appreciated. Let me know the usually price that you get for your angels so I can try and make sure we match it next time.

Originally Posted by mdreher View Post
Just wanted to say I stopped by last week and the place looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing everything once you get fully stocked. Do you think you may be able to get some p. gertrudaes?
Thanks for coming in! Actually one of my regulars requested that exact fish tonight. So I'm already going to be looking out for it on my lists. I'll let you know if I can get a hold of them.

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