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Originally Posted by empty View Post
thanks for the headsup i just called petco on union square they didnt have any in atm =\ maybe win or pacific will have some. hell of a price though would be great to get them for that little
Honestly, I found those pygmies by accident. There's this middle-age gentleman at the Union Square Petco who can check for their availability if you ask. I was looking for kuhli loaches at the time because Rachel didn't intend to stock them. And then I just saw a whole school of pygmy cories in the next tank...for .99c plus tax. I nabbed all 30+ on the spot.

Personally, I've never seen Win or Pacific stock pygmies. Wierd. I heard Fishtown did though. With a good deal to boot. I was too busy at the time, so I missed out on that one.

The only gripe I have with buying from those places, especially Petco, is you have to remember to QT them. You never know if the fish is as healthy as advertised.
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