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Hi Kevinmichael,

I live in Whitewater and will be graduating in May, so I will be tearing my tanks down soon. I have three planted tanks that are full of plants and fish and MTS... Are you interested in a certain plant or just browsing?

I am hoping to find homes for a large majority of my fish and plants before I leave in May.

My fish are:
10 Neon tetras
2 Pearl Gouramis
1 SAE Flying Fox
1 Red Tailed Black Shark (Jaws)
9 Otos
4 Green Emerald Cories
2 Juili Cories
4 Albino (no idea what species) Cories
3 Melanochromis Auratus Cichlids
4 Knight Gobies
200-400 (Seems like 40 billion) MTS

(Obiviouly not all in the same tank)

I'll post some pictures soon.
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