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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
This will 100% work. Start off by squishing any big ones you find, this'll stop the egg production. Using your finger works best :P! When the pond snail population starts to get lower to a tolerable level, only squish babies. The adults will keep making eggs so you have a never ending free food supply for shrimp

And it's super funny watching shrimp fight over a smooshed snail.
I Shall try this.. Though I dont want a never ending supply.. I have a 29 gallon tank that belongs to the RCS & a couple of mystery snails that breed like crazy anywho.. I want the little buggers GONE..

37g w/ eclipse 3 planted Betta sorority
29g w/ eclipse 3 planted shrimp & snail tank
20 gallon long divided into 4 planted betta condo's
7.9 gallon fluval flora planted
6.6 gallon tall planted mini sorority
3g eclipse betta tank
2g hex betta tank
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