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Originally Posted by ADA View Post
OMG.. I'm starting to get pangs of desire for these little plants..

I hate that they're being taken from their natural habitat in bulk numbers though.. it concerns me very much. Borneo has a very special place in my heart. My dad was born there, and my Grandfather served in Borneo as chief of police for many years after the war. He was made a Tun, which is the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Borneo Royal Family. (Technically that makes me a Tun)..

Anyway.. enough rambling.. does anyone have a small specimen they could send me? (One that has been cultivated, not kidnapped!)
The author of this blog claims that there are simply too much Buce. for it to ever become an threat to its population. I know that is only one man's opinion, but if you go through his blog, you'll find that he knows his stuff and has travel quite extensively in the region:

This is his reply when I sent him an email with the same habitat concern:

Hi Sam,

Do not worry. Bucep. population is more than few billions here. It's just like grasses...too many of them. Population is very very big.

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