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What do you mean who put my concerns to rest? I didn't think I needed your permission to get anything done... oh wait, I don't! Here's an idea, sit back and enjoy the ride and see what happens or ...

Moving right alone, The stand is finished. I will post photos of it tomorrow, too tired now. It's a shame my bulkheads won't arrive until next week. I knew what size hole to drill because I called the place I ordered the bulkheads from and they gave me the size needed for the bulkheads to fit.

I still have to make a decision about what light I'm going to use. My choices are:

1. 24" Tek- which I already own.
2. fishneedit- 70W Metal Halide Pendant Lights
3. ADA Solar I

The wife and I agree that the Tek just doesn't look right sticking out as much as it does. The Tek is 24" and the tank is 18", it may not sound like a huge difference but you can clearly see size discrepancy right away. I love my Tek but it just isn't the right size.

The fishneedit lights has me concerned about quality. I don't want to come home to find my place burned down because of the lights. I read it was hit and miss with their product.

The Solar l may just be too much light. My wife and son both said they like the way it looked the best but I'm not convinced. I don't want nor need pea soup.

Decisions, decisions...

I also got the Garden Mat for the tank to sit on. Pics will be up tomorrow.

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