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Dan's ADA 45-C fitted with bulkheads

Hey all, I decided to start another journal now that I have some time for it. I purchased a second hand tank that just happens to be an ADA 25 gallon 45-C a while ago at a steal of a price.

I wanted to do things differently this time. I want a clean, clutter free looking tank just like in the pictures submitted to the aquascaping contests. You know, when all of the equipment is taken out of the tank. So I got to thinking and decided to go with bulkheads. Clearly inspired by Tom Barr's 60 Gallon Tank. You can see the bulkhead in the rear of the tank.

I followed some great advice and settled on a 3/4" bulkhead which meant drilling an 1 1/2" hole in the tank. Not one but two! Believe you me, I really thought about not doing it but my wanting a clutter free looking tank took precedent over any apprehension I had about screwing up.

So I ordered the Diamond Glass Drill Bit last week and it arrived this morning. Needless to say I got right to work. First things first though, I had to have my cup of coffee before I did anything to steady my nerves .

I did it but boy was that nerve-racking!!!. I got the holes drilled in the ADA 45-C :

It was a lot easier than I had anticipated. The key is not to put pressure on the drill but let the weight of the drill do the work for you. Also be very patient, do not rush through it, keep it slow and steady and don't forget to use lots of water. I know I did.

Now I'm just waiting for the other parts I ordered to arrive, bulkheads, loc-line, barbs and some other nick-nacks that I thought I might need. I also have to order a 9L bag of aquasoil. I think I attempted to drill the tank because I got it so cheap. Oh and yes, I know the tank needs a cleaning but thats a minor thing. I'll post pics of the stand once I'm done with it. I just need to adjust a few things first.

I think its going to be a pleasure not have a bunch of equipment hanging off the sides of the tank for once but thats just me, to each their own. I was actually inspired when I saw Tom's tanks and finally had an excuse to try it.

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