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Originally Posted by madness View Post
To coat something (driftwood, etc.) with this food would you use a tiny basting brush or something or if it was something small (like cholla wood) could you dip it in the mixture?
I use a spoon, or dip the wood into it, or pour it. It sets quickly, and it works out great.

Originally Posted by Joraan View Post
Interested....but still not getting how 2 oz of dry would turn into 1 lb? more work needs to be done??
Originally Posted by fresh.salty View Post
The food comes as a powder. You have to mix it with water and then heat/boil it. The end result is a gel type food.

The mixing is ok. My only hesitation is messing with refrigerated food as the main food on a daily basis.
I keep it in the freezer, easier for me as I have an extra freezer in the basement/fishroom.

Yes, its mixed with boiling water, so its 3 parts water to 1 part powder.
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