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Ha Ha ,

Believe me when I tell ya that if I gad to "rough it" with dial up I would do it in a heartbeat, however, I dont...

I am hooked up now and tonight is a test run of my systems... mine and my wifes, both pc's are online but Im not to pleased with the connection. :evil:

I think my DSL was faster but again, I have had worst connections.... :lol:

I am semi-moved in and had to completely gut the room that my beloved bride chose as her office/pc room and have gotten to a point where I can at least hook up the pc's...when a house was built in 1850 I have learned that they didnt know what a "square" was...

Now for the tank update.....
I now have all my fish from both the 30 gallon and the 56 in one tank(56g) and I only lost 1 cory....... for some reason he/she wasn't doin all that great to begin with. I must say though that I have an embarrasing looking aquascape going on in there. :lol:
I found that thats what happens when you tear everything down and throw it all together for survival instead of looks..... LOL

I'll be back full strength soon.....

see ya's all real soon ,

I'll post a photo or 3 on my website of the new "old" house that I love... LOL

Buck 8)
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