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Hrmm I just added recommended dosage. It works the same way as getting substrate from an established tank does. Still takes about a week to cycle (much faster than without though). I waited for the spike to go up then goto 0 before introducing fish. I guess I put in too much fish at once. 3 blue platys one day, then 3 pandas the next, and 2 otos after that. Going to hold off on replacing the oto until it stabilizes.

Picked up 3 small ebony rock pieces for $5 (ripoff lol) earlier today and threw them in the tank. I saw maybe 2 RCS while rescaping, some might have gotten eaten off. It's okay, some actually started breeding in my 1/2 gal

Pics (Day +2)

added some rocks, think I muddied the waters again just after it cleared

left side, angled for hiding

right side

rcs hiding

feeding on somewhatshock's veggie stick, even the betta nibbles on it

evil "ghost" shrimp approaching 2" I believe, turning gold?
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