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Couple shots of my girls...there are at least 5 berried yellows in the tank right now. I did make a huge goof last night...

I caught all my yellows and had them in a breeder box. There had to be about 20 since there was a preggo shrimp that I got with the shipment when I first got them. So I had the adults and the babies in the box. I took the box out and hung it in my big tank with the RCS. Tore down the 20g and got the 40B up. I decided to let it run over night with the heater and filters to let everything kinda get where it needed to be. This morning I go in to move the yellows over and wouldn't ya know it....the rim of the breeder box got down below the surface of the water and guessed it, the box was empty. So now there are around 20 yellow neos mixed in with my RCS. Not a huge deal since I don't care much about the purity of the shrimp in that tank. It's going to be my melting pot tank anyways. But....I want to breed yellows so now I'm netting out yellows as I see them in the big tank. So far I think I got all the berried females and a few males, so 8 shrimp maybe altogether. The babies, probably never get them, at least until they are bigger. If I don't, oh well. I'm hoping to get my 20L up and running soon enough so I can start pulling the nicer RCS out and adding some new blood to them. are a couple shots. I'll get a tank shot up later this evening.

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